Is Shepard Fairey Standing in for All That’s Wrong With the World?


Perhaps it’s the economy, or the incessant spilling of oil in the Gulf that’s now heading our way, or having to listen to Tony Hayward apologize in this asinine commercial (nice “gulls tweeting in background” element). Or maybe it’s the constant gentrification and “luxification” of the Bowery. Either way, it seems New Yorkers are pissed. And we’re taking it out on Shepard Fairey, apparently.

In the short time it’s been up (less than 2 months!), Fairey’s mural on the Bowery has been defaced, tagged, mutilated by rocks, and kicked. Bowery Boogie today reports the latest wound:

The Shepard Fairey surveillance and cleanup team seems to have given up. Rogue stickers and graffiti remain. And now there’s yet another kick-hole with which to contend.

Is it that everyone now hates Fairey because he’s “sold out” and become relatively successful (minus that whole AP debacle)? Have we become oversaturated — and therefore angered — by his presence? Are we jealous? Or are we just out of things to kick in our own apartments? Kicking things does help, sometimes.