Last Night: Stephen Colbert Insults Vampire Weekend’s Personal Hygiene


It’s true, local swells Vampire Weekend were looking a little ragged on Stephen Colbert’s television show last night, but that was no call for him to tell kindly VW drummer Chris Thomson that his hygiene level reminded Colbert of the notoriously unwashed teen star (and sometime Twilight vampire) Robert Pattinson. “Your style has been called ‘eighties Land’s End catalog,'” Colbert needled the band, presumably about Ezra Koenig’s inexplicable choice of shorts, to say nothing of the weird American flag tank top Tomson was wearing. “Thank you for dressing up.” Then he read to them from Strunk & White: “In one your songs you have the lyrics, ‘Who gives a fuck about an Oxford Comma?’ I’m here to tell you I do.” Why did it take so long for these guys to be on this show? Colbert clearly adores them.