Utz Red Hot Flavored Potato Chips — Really, Really Good


Watch out for your tongue!

Utz Quality Foods Inc. — the brand that flaunts a red-cheeked girl with a hair bow and no nose — is located in Hanover, a backwater in southern Pennsylvania not far from the Maryland border. You’d never expect this snack chip company to have its finger on the popular pulse, but, boy, do they!

A case in point is Utz Red Hot Flavored Potato Chips. These chips are available in bodegas all over the metropolitan area at prices as low as 25 cents for a ¾ ounce bag. You’d think they’d be only mildly spicy, but wait till you rip open the bag and see the chips in their foil-lined tomb: They’re fiery red, and not just from food coloring.

The first couple of chips don’t do much damage, but as you excavate deeper, and gobble the chips faster and faster, you first break a sweat and then let out a scream. How an old-fashioned snack food company in a German-American part of the country would come up with something like this is beyond me. But Buddha bless ’em.

Peer down into the devil’s pit.