‘What the Diaz?’ Is Our Favorite New Game


Via Joe My God, we’ve discovered an amusing game called “What the Diaz?”

A lot of crazy garbage is known to spill out of Senator Ruben Diaz Sr.’s mouth on a regular basis. But Fight Back New York, the PAC that is trying to oust all the state senators who voted against gay marriage last fall, has put a fun spin on the Reverend/Senator’s logorrhea.

In Mad Libs style, you can now spice up Diaz’s already loony quotes, and show him making even less sense. You supply the nouns and verbs, and just hit “Diaz My Quote.” Like a box of Hamburger Helper, the program provides all the crazy-making lunacy, and presto! You’re left with a new, insane quote.

Good luck figuring out if yours, or Diaz’s original, quote sound nuttier.