Which Debrahlee Lorenzana Facebook Group Is Right for You? A User’s Guide


As of this post, there are 6 different Debrahlee Lorenzana Facebook pages in addition to Debrahlee’s personal page, her 1,584-member fan page, and, of course, the personal pages of the other Debrahlee Lorenzanas (who may or may not all be the same person). But as for the group pages, which are by and large accruing fans by the minute, we’re faced with a dilemma. What with the array of options, which to join? Here’s our handy guide.

Support Debrahlee Lorenzana
Number of fans: 1068 and growing
Why you join: This is by far the predominant Debrahlee page, with the most fans and two — count ’em — photo albums. If you’re a joiner and want to look at purty pictures, plus maybe watch some clips from news programs, this is for you. The commenters are pro-Debrahlee, as you might suspect, and pepper her photos with loving comments like “We seem to live in a time where beauty is no longer appreciated but scorned and used as an excuse to put people down :-(” and “beauty is a divine gift.”

I wanna work with Debrahlee Lorenzana
Number of fans: 317
Why you join: This one only has two photos so far, but the sense of purpose is refreshing, and maybe you really do want to work with Debrahlee Lorenzana.

Cmte. to Nominate Debrahlee Lorenzana for the Supreme Court
Number of fans: 127
Why you join: Um, you believe in justice! Also, you feel strongly — and deeply — in the page’s motto: “At least as qualified as Elana Kagan … and hawt!” Plus, classy links, like to Forbes’ blog.

Debrahlee Lorenzana: Is This Women Too Hot To be A Banker?
Number of fans: 343
Why you join: Of the three different Debrahlee Lorenzana: Is This Women Too Hot To be A Banker? pages, this one has the most fans and is the most in-your-face recruiter, with regular posts to entice friends to the cause and “Support Her Against The Man.” Random links to BP Public Relations’ Facebook page and Lane Bryant (which Debrahlee would never in a million years wear) encourage questions as to who might be managing it, however. Go for the witty repartee: “this page is growing fast!”/”SO IS MY DICK!”

Debrahlee Lorenzana: Is This Women Too Hot To Be A Banker?
Number of fans: 207
Why you join: You saw this one first and were not dissuaded by its BP Public Relations link (seriously, this one too?). Also, its commenters are not afraid to tackle the hard issues: “She’s a nice woman but she has the right to work as a banker. I think that if she was not married and not portorican woman she won’t have this matter with citigroup. I support you baby, God bless you.”

Debrahlee Lorenzana: Is This Women Too Hot To be A Banker?
Number of fans: 137
Why you join: This page, for some reason, is categorized “actor,” which makes us suspicious. Like…impending reality TV show star, actor? Also, but nothing is happening, until the agent gets involved. Not recommended.