Chuck Schumer Is a Congressional Hipster, the Senator Repping Williamsburg


There is no arguing that Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) is a fucking hipster. But is there anything of substance to speak of behind those thick frames, perhaps an Etsy account or a collection of rare 7″ records? She certainly has nothing to do with the free concerts (“Pool Parties”) that define the summer in Brooklyn for thousands of “the hippest of New York’s hipsters,” to which they “have flocked” for four years. The wealthy white man behind that vintage and/or ironic curtain is New York’s Senator Charles E. Schumer, chairman of the Senate Rules and Administration Committee. The New York Times tells us today that Schumer’s role in the well-attended hipster day camp is “big.” Also big: Schumer’s cred.

I mean, look at him! Loving life and waiting for Grizzly Bear. Jay-Z was there, too. And we all know how Jay feels about New York Jewish men in politics. But Chuck is serious about these free shows, and thus, young people:

After turning up at a couple of concerts last summer at East River State Park, he threw his considerable support behind the events and their promoter, pressuring city and state parks officials to renew the Pool Parties’ contract for this summer, despite their having some safety concerns.

Which leads to the big question: Are the votes of a few thousand Pitchfork readers worth all that effort?

Kurt Andersen, the public radio host, says it’s important to remind kids that they’re Democrats as “a long-term play” for votes. And it’s genius, really, because there’s no downside. Even the most cynical Bushwick- or Long Island City-dwelling twentysomething would be tickled by the idea that a big-time senator even knows Williamsburg exists, let alone hangs out there and made a concert promoter his pet project. Trust me. So what if he’s doing it for votes? That’s his job. And where else are you going to get sloshed on PBR and not be embarrassed about wearing cutoffs and play dodgeball, all up against the Manhattan skyline?

“The senator thought these concerts were tremendous, and intervened to make sure they would continue to happen,” said Mr. Morey, the Schumer spokesman. “The concerts had a following with good exposure, they had talented bands and they were free. And the senator wanted to keep it that way.”

Chuck, dude, we salute you.

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