Justin Bieber Played a Secret Show in Queens


Seriously. While the softer section of the hipster demographic is waiting around for the Schumer-approved Williamsburg Pool Parties, Justin Bieber is holding it down all the way out in Queens. Like LCD Soundsystem before him, pocket-sized pop star Justin Bieber is doing it for the fans. So when he’s not bringing down Twitter or collaborating with hood stars like Soulja Boy, he’s working on his DIY rep by secretly performing in an outer borough.

Performing hits like “Baby”, the accessible and social media-driven superstar had his fans in a frenzy. Saturday he will be across the water, performing in London with Taylor Swift.

From house parties to stadiums. To be fair, Queens is also part of Long Island, a land of malls, a.k.a. the target demographic, but 800 screaming girls can’t be wrong and the little dude’s stock is skyrocketing among harsher critics, too. Justin Bieber, people pleaser and aspiring hipster.

(My Fox NY via Vulture)

Perfect image by D.J. Baskin