Underage New York Post Intern Wasted At Least $81 Worth of Alcohol


An intern from the New York Post, not yet 21-years-old, was sent on a reporting mission to 30 alcohol-serving establishments across Manhattan, finding that 57% would provide him with drinks illegally. Some never checked his ID, which clearly read “UNDER 21 UNTIL,” and others just didn’t care. But according to one anecdote within the story, it is implied that the intern was not allowed to consume the drinks he was served or purchased. Either the Post is covering its ass because it facilitated underage drinking or they wasted at least $81 in delicious, cold beer, plus a tequila shot on the house.

A male bartender at Cosmic Cantina, at 99 Third Avenue, looked over the license before selling the intern a bottle of Dos Equis for $5. He then said, “This is for you,” and poured a free shot of tequila. When the intern walked out, the bartender encouraged him to take the open but untouched beer with him.

Here’s some simple math — bear with me:

Based on the piece, the kid purchased a Blue Moon draft, which will run you about $6 at a bar, a Dos Equis for $5, a $5 cover charge at Alphabet Lounge, a $5 Bud Light once inside, a $2 Sam Adams bottle at a bodega, and a Budweiser can for, let’s say, another $2. That’s five drinks. If he bought 12 more, at a lowball estimate of $4 a piece to even out bodega purchases and bar buys, plus maybe a $1 tip at each of the 8 bar/restaurant establishments, that totals $81. Or way more than the $0 he was probably paid to pull this inane stunt! (Don’t you dare check my math.)

The idea that he took not one sip of 17 drinks is laughable at best, but we’re not in a position to accuse the Post of helping an underage dude get wasted, because we have no proof. But assuming they’re as lawful as they imply, that’s a lot of wasted booze.

If he didn’t at least bring the bottled stuff back to his editors, this entire thing was an egregious misuse of funds. James Cahalan (is that you?), New York Post intern, either you’re sort of a sucker or you should leverage this illegal activity into a paid job. Just sayin’.