Behold, the Long-Awaited Sleigh Bells Workout Video


Megan Clark (2nd Miss Aloha Muscle 2003) is the diesel, foxy doyenne of SOHI Fitness, a Hawaiian-based weight loss bootcamp for “achieving your desired level of physical health and well-being.” She’s also a bit of an alt-rock fan–Tristeza and the Killers have both taken turns soundtracking her steely-eyed motivational YouTube videos. Now, she appears to be the first to have gone and done the obvious thing, which is using Brooklyn demonic-cheerleader duo Sleigh Bells as the music for a heroic montage of her working out.

The song is “Tell ‘Em,” its effectiveness obvious. Like most things in New York these days, James Murphy did this first, of course, but isn’t it time Sleigh Bells got their own Nike Original Run mix? Or is it just that 45 minutes of Sleigh Bells would kill any human who hadn’t trained for it first? [Music Slut]