Debrahlee Lorenzana Story Goes Global, Viral, Crazy


Ex Citibanker Debrahlee Lorenzana has been all over the national and local news, starting with last week’s issue of the Voice and, most recently, hitting the TV morning show circuit, including appearances on Today and Good Morning America this morning — despite her current employer JPMorgan Chase telling her to stop speaking to the press or risk being fired. But Debrahlee’s range, versatility, and pencil skirts are not confined to the U.S.A. No way, no how.

To date, Lorenzana’s story has been covered in Mexico, India, Colombia, Ireland, Canada, and the UK, to name a few, as well as in innumerable blogs. Writer Elizabeth Dwoskin has gotten letters from around the world — including from a concerned Dutch citizen (“I would advice Lorenzana to apply for a management career at Donald Trump. This man is strong enough to work with beautifull intelligent women and to show some appreciation for there intellect”) and a somewhat thunderstruck French journalist from Grazia (“The story is attracting me because it seems really incredible.”)

Here’s a roundup of our favorite all-over-the-place Debrahlee coverage:

1. Sighted by a friend of Runnin’ Scared on the cover of the Polska Gazeta, at a bodega in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

2. Blogged about on Rollin’ With Nick Cannon. Because why wouldn’t it be?

3. In the UK Daily Mail. For the phrase “bank girl,” plus the 148 comments, including this gem:

I have also been singled out at previous jobs, but more by other women for wearing the same type of clothes as them, but which unfortunately for them looked much better on me, it’s also not my fault that my eyelashes are longer and fuller than most, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t wear mascara. –Massiel Kempton, England then Spain and currently Bangalore, India

4. Discussed by conservative commentator Robert Stacy McCain, who says, “She is too hot to be a banker. However, Ms. Lorenzana is not too hot to be a blog intern.” Mmm hmm.

5. Published in the Weekly World News, which chose to lead with this photo of a woman who is absolutely not Debrahlee Lorenzana. (They make up for it by having an Aliens section.)

Anyway, at the end of the day, whether the press is international, domestic, or just totally random, you know you’ve made it when you get your very own Wikipedia entry. And a Yahoo! Answers question.