Elton John Whored at Rush Limbaugh’s Wedding


Anti-gay hatemonger Rush Limbaugh just married a woman who’s 26 years younger in Palm Springs—in fact, she’s 26 years younger everywhere–but that’s not the vomity part.

The vomity part is that lord queen Elton John sang at the wedding!

Our out gay pal–who does so much for our cause when he’s thinking, um, straight–pocketed a cool million to help validate the twisted family values of a man who’s done even more to fuck with gay rights than he’s done to help Mexican production of OxyContin.

Why, Elton, why?

Wasn’t it enough that you duetted with verbal gay basher Eminem at the Grammys that time, making it OK for him to keep making a lucrative sport out of kicking us in the groin and calling it poetry?

Please stop pocketing blood money to further the devil’s cause.

Can’t you just auction off some wigs?

PS: On the very off chance that you did this to enlighten Limbaugh and he somehow emerges as our biggest advocate, you should still give the million to homeless gay teens.