Marcus Samuelsson Has a Website on the Horizon


A short while ago, word made its way through the grapevine that Marcus Samuelsson — a chef who is no stranger to multitasking — had yet another project on the horizon. Specifically, a website dedicated to — unsurprisingly — the topics of food and dining.

We placed a call to the chef’s rep, who confirmed that a website is indeed in the works, though she cautioned that they’re “still ironing out the editorial stuff,” and that a launch date is still far in the future, possibly sometime during the fall. It will likely go live after Red Rooster opens. There’s no set date for that opening, though the rep did mention that the Harlem restaurant’s lease has been signed.

When the website does launch, it may place Samuelsson in the culinary media spectrum between Martha Stewart and Tom Colicchio: Like Colicchio, Samuelsson is an acclaimed chef with cookbooks and TV appearances to his name, while his books, TV presence, KitchenDaily segments for AOL, and nascent website give him more than a little in common with Stewart.

Can world domination be far behind? Until we see him selling sheets and cookware at Bed Bath & Beyond we’ll refrain from making any predictions, but regardless, Samuelsson is giving us quite a bit to chew on.