Shark Tank Wedding Irrepressibly “Unique” (Video)


When we heard that a Long Island couple was getting hitched in a shark tank, we were skeptical. It seemed like a lot of unnecessary hoopla for something that could be done rather pleasantly without the inclusion of underwater beasts, wetsuits, or a large suspended cage. (Maybe a beach wedding, if you really enjoy a water view?) But, you know, to each his/her own.

The wedding itself happened this weekend, and here’s the video (have your Kleenex at the ready, so you can stuff it in your ears):

Some girls grow up planning their dream weddings from the time they’re tiny tots, and all they really want is for it to feel just like drunk Uncle Doug’s house when he can’t find his hearing aids and he just keeps yelling at you all night long, and then his fat buddy comes over and stands in front of the TV while you’re trying to watch the very best part at the end of the movie. Or, wait…is that just us?

Still, our congrats to April Pignataro and Michael Curry, who have done us the favor of sharing this experience so we never need to live it ourselves.