The Ultimate Justin Bieber Photo for Lesbians


The New York Post brings word of “Biebians,” the ex post facto lesbian subculture devoted to celebrating women who like other women who look like Justin Bieber. This is old news–lesbians looked like Justin Bieber long before Justin Bieber even existed, and there have been many to point out the physical resemblance between the man and the muffia in the wake of the diminutive star’s meteoric, Twitter-assisted rise. But let it never be said that local fashion photographer and all around pervy guy Terry Richardson hasn’t met a zeitgeist he couldn’t make a pornographic addition to, and so, without further ado, The Ultimate Justin Bieber Photo for Lesbians:

Nothing against Justin Bieber, or the lesbians who are attracted to female facsimiles of him, but if you’re the model in that photo, we suggest you take a hard look at your life. [Terry’s Diary]