‘14,000 NEW Upscale Harlem Households’ Inspire Harlem Delivers


With gentrification comes an appetite for foods that don’t originate in a deep fryer, chain restaurant, or tub of Crisco. To wit: Grub Street reports that two marketing vets have joined forces to create Harlem Delivers, a service that transports food from restaurants outside the neighborhood to those living in it (or part of it: the delivery area covers only 145th Street to 149th Street from Frederick Douglass Boulevard to Edgecombe Avenue).

That area, per the marketing material accompanying the release, is home to “14,000 NEW upscale Harlem households,” which provides some indication of what’s behind the start-up team’s desire to service Harlem, or at least a small, affluent part of it.

So far, Harlem Delivers has enlisted the cooperation of four restaurants, and hopes to eventually expand that number to 30-50. There’s no word if the delivery area will also be expanded to include older, somewhat more downscale Harlem households.