Hanover Cafe on St. Marks Now Open, Serving Kimchi Casseroles, Ramen, Tuna Salad


The somewhat mysterious Korean megaplex that’s been under construction on St. Marks is now partially open.

Hanover Cafe is the buffet/steam table joint that occupies the first level of the three-story space. It offers a crazy array of foods from multiple stations — KyeDong fried chicken, regular old deli sandwiches, burgers, panini, udon, sushi, ramen, bi bim bap, dukboki (spicy rice cake), pajun, Korean casseroles …

We don’t know if any of it is any good, but we’re a little impressed by the place’s enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, the Korean restaurant and karaoke bar that occupy the floors above are not yet open, but the whole complex is under the same ownership.

6 St. Marks Place