Memorializing the Constant Lateness of Erykah Badu, Via Twitter


Take it from a man who would know–this might take awhile.

Erykah Badu does many things well–otherwordly r&b; superlative hat-wearing; even reenacting JFK’s assassination in the nude. She’s a never less than incendiary live performer. But one thing Badu is not good at is showing up on time. To anything. Ever. As our own Rob Harvilla put it once: “You need to see Erykah Badu live as soon as possible. It’s ludicrous. Just prepare to wait awhile.” A whole new mob of fans learned this to their chagrin last night at Roseland, where the lady did her normal thing, and kept her fans waiting…and waiting…and waiting. With the advent of Twitter, however, the irate fan never suffers alone. Want to know the mood in Roseland last night, pre Badu’s inevitable redemption? Read on for dispatch after dispatch from the void. Or better yet, print this out, and save it as reading material for the next time you’re going to see her:

And the award for “temporary solution most likely to further enrage the crowd” goes to this woman.

Clearly this lady doesn’t follow Rob Harvilla on Twitter:

Or Questlove, for that matter:

How late would Erykah Badu actually have to be for someone to get legitimately alarmed? Five hours? Ten?

Badu should maybe consider getting that hashtag tattooed on her arm.

And this one might make for a good song lyric.

“Intro” is one word for it.

“Hard to get” is another.

C’mon–a half hour is nothing.

That’s more like it.

At last.

And don’t forget the top hat!

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