NASA Introduces Unfortunately Named “Face in Space” Program


NASA has kind of a weird promo going on called “Face in Space,” not to be confused with the Nicolas Cage/John Travolta thriller Face/Off. Basically, you can submit a photo of your face (or, if you somehow don’t own a photo of yourself, just your name) via the website and have your visage (or just your name) launched into orbit on one of the two remaining space shuttle missions.

Now, we see how this might be appealing to 10-year-old boys ((d’oh! You have to be 13 to enter!) and space-curious girls, but doesn’t it creep you adults out a bit? Like, what happens when this information gets into the wrong (a/k/a, alien) hands? If that doesn’t scare you, try reading the terms and conditions.

Well, at least you’ll have a cool commemorative certificate to remember the experience by after you become a pod person. No, seriously, this is super cool. Keep it clean, you pervs.