Philly Toddler Getting The Baseball Beer-Drinking Routine Down Early


Major League Baseball has yanked the video of the beer-guzzling toddler during Sunday’s Phillies-Padres game, but the memory lives on.

Meanwhile, as we’re waiting for the parents/grandparents and child to be identified, we ask the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce to comment. A spokesman who to remain anonymous e-mailed us:

“Yes, OK, the kid is drinking beer, but it was a lite. It was a really hot day, and don’t forget we were in extra innings. Oh, and the Phillies lost. You try wolfing a Double Bull Chopped Pork with dammit-to-hell sauce and hot peppers from Greg Luzinski’s barbecue without slamming down a cold one. Look, you call it appalling. In Philadelphia, we call it Sunday afternoon.”