They may dress like extraterrestrials raiding Topshop and sing like Björk in the middle of a stranglehold, but there’s a sincere sweetness to CocoRosie‘s family act. Sisters Bianca “Coco” and Sierra “Rosie” Casady, Iowa expats currently based in Paris, incorporate earthy aural effects (a horse whinny?) and airy lyrics (fairies everywhere!) into their jazzy, folk-tronic beats. Their fourth studio release, Grey Oceans, released last month on Sub Pop, is a twinkling charmer with their typically grave underbite; the leisurely, horn-heavy single “Lemonade” is a fictional autobiography of a large family torn apart, caught in the stormy weather of a father’s death. Heavy, strange, glorious stuff.

Fri., June 11, 9 p.m., 2010