Sleep Like a Future POTUS at Barack Obama’s College Crash Pad


President Obama’s junior year digs at 142 West 109th Street, New York, are for rent, and for a mere $1,900, you could catch your sporadic Z’s in what the New York Times describes breathlessly as a “one-bedroom third-floor walk-up with a windowless office and only a little corner to call a kitchen”!

Keep in mind, Obama shared this place with a roommate, like any proper takeout-consuming college student, when he was at Columbia in 1981 — and when the price was a far cry from the current amount. The perks: It’s only a few blocks to the subway, and “park-adjacent,” kinda-sorta.

Curbed points out that broker Citi-Habitats seems a bit confused (or fat fingered), what with the attention-grabbing “PRESIDENT OMABA LIVED HERE AND YOU CAN TOO.” They also do that super-annoying real-estatey thing of giving two prices, and calling it a two-bedroom. Come on, which is it, man?

Still, we bet someone snaps this one up quick.