Video: Paul Krugman’s Rock Star Turn in “Get Him to the Greek”


We noted last week that Nobel prize-winning “rock star” economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman had a cameo in Get Him to the Greek, a movie starring hysterical Jewish fatty Jonah Hill, hysterical Limey sex addict Russell Brand, and New York’s own hysterically omniscient rapper/producer/CEO/whatever, P. Diddy. Which is funny, because P. Kruggy writes for the notoriously buttoned-up New York Times, and also, what the fuck is he doing in this movie? It’s funny even without seeing the movie. But how was the scene? Thanks to Daily Intel, we get to find out, right here:

In case you’re visually or hearing-impaired to the point where you can’t watch this, a transcript:

Jonah Hill: You’re Paul Krugman.

Paul Krugman: Yeah?

Jonah Hill: My dad loves your shit.

Paul Krugman: [Twiddles thumbs.] Thank you.

[Jonah Hill runs into something and breaks it. Paul Krugman shrugs.]


Intel also notes that the Times — along with many other reviews — noted Krugman’s cameo as a part that wakes the movie up. Meanwhile, somewhere in New York, Andrew Ross Sorkin has kicked a trashcan over.