Anyone Else Find That Cancer Commercial Appalling?


You know, the one with the guy with pancreatic cancer who says he was thrilled to find the Cancer Treatment Centers of America because there wasn’t the defeating air of doom he’d encountered in other places.

“The hospital just breeds an environment of hope,” he beams, looking extremely healthy.

“Every time we’d go up there, I just knew it would be a good result.

“You could just see the joy on the doctor’s face.”

(Yeah, because he’s probably a paid actor too!)

The suggestion that at a certain hospital, your CAT scans, MRIs, and blood tests might come out better than at others is beyond appalling.

The idea that if a doctor smiles at you with optimism, that means you will live longer is so disturbed that an MRI is needed all right–and not at the Cancer Treatment Center.

This commercial should be illegal.