Devo Street Promotion for Something for Everybody Makes Us Care About Devo Again


The first Devo studio album in two decades, Something for Everybody, comes out next Tuesday. We’ve been indifferent, largely because these trumped-up late-career recording-returns (cough and cough) are almost always awful, or worse, boring. Devo, live? Any time. (They were terrific at SXSW 2009.) Mark Mothersbaugh’s rugs? When that cash windfall comes, top of the home-furnishings list. But Devo, who’re annoyingly too self-important to play All Tomorrow’s Parties, trying to duplicate “Girl U Want” 20 years later on Warner Brothers’ dime? No, thank you.

But damned if we didn’t actually stop on Third Avenue yesterday and marvel at these posters promoting next week’s release. Adhering to the record title’s theme, the focus-group-chosen Something for Everybody, the series stars Devo’s trademark energy dome, now turned blue, as a universal panacea.

Retired businessmen will beg for the energy dome.

Diapered babies will want to climb the energy dome.

And, best of all:

Grandmas and ballers will want to lick the energy dome. Not bad for $32.

We now officially care about Devo’s new record, something even their Winter Olympics performance didn’t elicit. Nice work, ad robots.