Fat Cat Loses Weight, Helps Others


Often in the blogoverse it seems that our days have unexpected themes. Today’s is turning out to be charity, kicking all of those nasty vices like you know you want to, doing whatever it takes to get your own reality TV series, and BP. Well, now a tidbit has come our way that seems to encapsulate all of this — except BP, but fuck ’em — in one thumping feline swoop: Prince Chunk, the 44-pound stray found roaming the bad streets of New Jersey after his owner was foreclosed upon and abandoned him, has lost more than half his body weight and is now a mere 18 pounds. (Biggest Loser: The Cat Edition, anyone?)

The artist formerly known as Chunk is also now the spokescat of his own Prince Chunk Foundation, a nonprofit that helps pet owners who find themselves in financial duress get emergency vet care and food for their fluffy friends. Collective aw, please. I mean, Adorable Animals in Trouble have turned the tables and are now helping Adorable Owners in Trouble! Beyond that, “Prince Chunk” has to be pretty much the best cat name ever. Kudos, kitty, and adoptive cat parents.

But what everyone really wants to know is…Chunk, how’d you do it? Baby food diet?

We figured.