Kahlúa Goes After Fancy Coffee Market, Turns Baristas Into Mixologists


Coffee liqueurs are getting upgraded, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, with such new and forthcoming releases as Firelit Spirits Coffee Liqueur, made with coveted Blue Bottle coffee, and Heering Coffee Liqueur, from the maker of Cherry Heering. So what’s Kahlúa to do? Why, put a barista behind the bar until she comes up with a couple of fancy coffee cocktails, naturally.

Cora Lambert of RBC NYC (of the $18,000 espresso machine) offered up two concoctions: the Shaken, Not Stirred (Kahlúa Mocha, rye whiskey, cold-brewed coffee, simple syrup, and whole milk, shaken and topped with seltzer in a Collins glass) and the Kahlúa Choco-Coffee (Kahlúa Mocha, cognac, simple syrup, cold-brewed coffee, and cream, shaken and served in a sour glass).

For now, the drinks are available only to those of us proactive enough to make them at home, but the hope is to get bars to start serving them. If Kahlúa really wants to make an impression, they should start spiking lattes and cortados on premise. At least we’d have a reason to pay $12 for a cup of joe.