Karenna Gore to Join Mom Tipper in Marital “It’s Complicated”


A week and a day after the news was released (by email, if you recall) that Al and Tipper Gore are calling it quits, the Washington Post informs us that the eldest Gore girl, Karenna, has been has been separated from her husband, Andrew Schiff, for a couple months now. Oh dear. The couple is in counseling, and we wish them the best, especially on account of their three little kids.

But we also can’t help pointing out that this is pretty much exactly the plot of Father of the Bride Part III, if such a movie were to exist, when both couples go through divorces at the same time after the weddings and babies have happened and the romance has dwindled/illicit affairs have come out in the open/forgiveness is no longer an option…and the mother and daughter totally bond, just like in the good old days! We can already picture the makeover montage (Mom, nobody wears double-breasted suits nowadays!), and the awkward-but-adorable double dates, and the two-pronged attack on their dastardly menfolk, who finally come around with some sort of cinematic grand gesture that would never actually happen in real life but that we love to watch on the big screen for $12.50 anyway.

(Can someone see what Diane Keaton’s working on these days?)

Anyway, per the Post, Karenna is 36, which means there’s still time for fun! Girlfriend, we’re here for you.