La Marzocco Unveils New Espresso Machine ‘Strada’ at Chelsea Market Event


The Strada has three stations, digital pressure gauges, and a choice of ways to control the pressure as you draw a shot.

Baristas, java flacks, and coffee geeks converged on Chelsea Market on Wednesday evening for the unveiling of La Marzocco’s new state-of-the-art espresso machine, called simply “Strada.”

Spectators look on as the gleaming machine is road-tested.

Amid much hoopla the machine — which boasts the capacity to make three shots at once, with the ability to control pressure throughout the extraction on each via either a mechanical paddle or an electronic variable pump — went through its paces, as throngs of admirers looked on. On every surface a chart was plastered showing the pressure profile of various shots, and how each profile affects such qualities as brightness, acidity, and balance.

The setup that allowed you to generate a shot using pressure produced by a bicycle. How eco-conscious!

Historical La Marzocco machines were on display, as were grinders, tampers, and other tools used by baristas. By the windows in the bi-level space, a special bicycle was set up which allowed users to extract a shot using only the pressure of pedaling. It was a good gimmick, but the amount of effort required was prodigious.

The evening also featured coffee-making contests, speeches, a DJ, and free booze — though the limited beer and wine selection (Budweiser, Stella, Yellowtail) demonstrated that one doesn’t have to appreciate good alcohol to love good coffee.

Unfortunately, the shot didn’t taste too great.

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A variety of historical La Marzocco machines were on display.

The business end of the same antique machine.

Custom tampers allow baristas to make, for example, pirate shots.

The most advanced La Marzocco machine for home use.

This professional grinder and home espresso machine can’t be beat for cuteness.