M.I.A.: “The Trendsetters Make Things Better”


Also, “ego lovers need more power,” and “don’t sell out to be product pushers.” We defy you to glean more from “Toldya,” a new song from M.I.A. and Sali, an artist about whom we know very little. The song’s producer, GoldieLocks, places Sali in M.I.A.’s growing stable of off-the-grid artists (see: Afrikan Boy): “He’s a proper cool dude with great lyrics about how the government are trying to fuck you over and the genocide in Sri Lanka and just generally things that people should know about.”

Sali describes himself (?) in third person here: “The lead singer, also called Sali, has a reputation for being elusive regarding his past, wanting little information about his identity and personality to be spread online, yet clearly, his talents haven’t gone unnoticed, as multi-award winning artist MIA, the controversial female Hip Hop artist features on it, ringing out in her inimitable style, as the track is feverishly traded through underground networks.” Which is meta enough to make us wonder if this whole thing is kind of a prank? Or maybe Sali just doesn’t want to get sued by EMF, whose “Unbelievable” is not so subtly interpolated on “Toldya.” Those guys definitely need money, and not the kind with M.I.A.’s face on it:

Sali – “Toldya” (Feat. M.I.A.) [Stereogum]