Media Moves: Original Defamer Mark Lisanti Consumed by Infamous Maw of Yahoo


Mark Lisanti — the highly-revered-by-other-bloggers blogger who was the original editor and helped make Gawker Media’s name on the West Coast — is now going to be joining his fellow Gawker Media alumni John Cook and Brett “Cajun Boy” Dykes at what Gawker Media publish Nick Denton once called the “maw of [web content giant] Yahoo.”

Lisanti’s been recently writing for site Movieline with his fellow former Defamer crew, and the loss will be palpable: this is one of the few people on this planet Nikki Finke actually likes. Yahoo’s tendency towards the tame likely won’t let him, say, write a full liveblog of him ordering The Human Centipede on-demand, but he’ll likely figure out how to have himself a decent time anyway. According to the press release, Lisanti’s going to be the deputy editor of Yahoo!’s entertainment blogs. According to a nice little goodbye post on Movieline, he starts next week. And in a post on his blog — entitled “Into the Maw” — he gives hail to highly-regarded Yahoo content overlord Jamie Mottram, who is apparently intent on becoming the Phil Jackson of Highly Adored Power Bloggers.