Smoking Baby Now Down to 15 Cigarettes a Day


After just enough time had passed since the video of the smoking Indonesian kid went viral to make us suspect that his parents are actually quite media savvy indeed, young Ardi is back, and it seems everybody’s favorite smoking tot has managed to succeed where many adults have failed. According to the New York Post, he’s now manfully sucking on just 15 ciggies a day instead of his usual 40, and he’s actually “playing” instead of motoring around on his toy truck, chain-smoking, and shouting epithets in his crusty mini-pit-boss voice.

All the better for his wee lungs, and for his family, who have been promised a car by town officials if the boy can cut out the smoking completely. You can do it, Ardi! (Watch these fun no smoking commercials for added incentive! We also hear chewing gum helps, but since you’re a toddler, you’re probably not allowed…oh, never mind.)

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