The Most Heartbreaking Sentence About Love You Will Read This Week


Yesterday, the New York Daily News ran a story that’s getting passed around still quite a bit today: 30 year-old Richard Butler and 25 year-old Bethany Lott — a cute, young, happy couple — went hiking on a mountain bordering Tennessee and North Carolina. Butler had an engagement ring in his pocket, and was going to propose once they reached the top. And then it started to rain. Not long after, they were both struck by lightning.

Butler regained consciousness, tried to call for help, and performed CPR. Another couple raced over to help. And then, this:

Later, when the paramedics arrived, a badly burned Butler used what remained of his strength to perform one last act of love.

“I put the ring on her finger while the EMTs were working on her,” he told the newspaper. “They are listing me as her fiancé in the obituaries.”

Assuming you’re a cognizant human being, that ripping sound you just heard was a strip of your heart being torn out. Even more:

On his blog, Butler called himself “the luckiest man alive.” “I was given a life with the most amazing woman in the world,” he wrote Tuesday. “I was loved more completely than I ever dreamed possible.” Lott may be gone, the grieving would-be groom wrote, but “I have gained a constant companion in the wind.”

If you’re not already calling someone to tell them you love them, you can read the rest here. And if that first one isn’t the most heartbreaking sentence about love you will read this week, I am sorry. I am so, so sorry. And I don’t want to know what is.