The New York Observer Has (Awesome and) Mixed Feelings on The Webutante Ball


Ha. In old-school New York Observer house style, news blog Daily Transom’s evening link roundup today hysterically, succinctly scoffs at an infamous Internet Week event that took place last night in noting “Oh god, the ‘Webutante Ball.’” with a link going to The Daily Beast’s coverage of the party. Clearly, though — as happens when you work for a media outlet — the New York Observer forgot to read today’s New York Observer.

If they had, they might have seen their own Media section’s Webutante Ball filing by junior Observer reporter Amanda Cormier. Or maybe they just wanted more, more, more! Not likely, but either way, both assessments work, and if those aren’t enough for you, cNet, Time Out, and Metromix also have coverage of it.

Seeing the mass over-saturation of coverage on the event today, I figured we’d wait until tomorrow to pull our trigger.

In the mean time, our gallery of it is here, and my coverage from last year’s inaugural event is here. Consider yourself warned.