Debrahlee Watch Day 9, in Which She Wears Louboutins. Plus: Her Facebook Fan Page Creator Speaks!


The New York Post is first to the table on Debrahlee Watch today with this titillating tidbit:

The Queens stunner walked into the Chase branch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where she currently works, this morning wearing a tight-fitting black dress and shiny black stilettos with bright red soles, a signature look associated with Christian Louboutins, and carrying a red handbag.

Yep, that’s right, folks: She coordinated her shoe bottoms with her purse. That is what we like to call class. Don’t try it at home.

(Oh yeah, when asked by a Post reporter about her 2003 appearance on a reality show in which she discussed her boobs, Lorenzana uttered enigmatically, “One thing has nothing to do with the other.”)

Meanwhile, we spoke to Fred Xenomorph, the fellow who operates Fans of Debrahlee Lorenzana (now sporting nearly 2000 fans) on Facebook.He shared a few of the challenges of running such a controversial, intriguing, and curvy page. Also, he’s an Australian! Of course he is.

So, Fred, why’d you start this page? Apparently you’re a fan?
The online press down here had posted an article about her, including the pictures of her in her work outfit. She reminded me a bit of my wife when we first met — she was a young, professional banker too. I thought it would be a bit of fun to start the page. Part of the attraction of new groups on Facebook is seeing if the page ever takes off, so it was half, yeah, she’s been portrayed as an attractive woman who’s supposedly been done wrong, so let’s give her some token support, and half, I wonder how many people will join up.

And the page got more than 1200 members in first 24 hours, right? Did you think you’d be the first one to create a fan page for her?
I did a quick search on Facebook for her name to see if there was already anything for her — and only found her personal profile. I created the group and was surprised that within a couple of minutes, it had several members. Within 30 minutes, it had 30 members, and it kept growing. I didn’t send out any invites for the group when I created it, so people must have been searching for her name.

I know that when I first searched Facebook her personal page was semi-public, but I believe that she’s put some privacy on it now — probably a lot of nutcases sending her friend requests or messages :).

What’s the coolest thing that’s happened with the page?
The group has been interesting. It’s still growing — lots of guys joining it — maybe from the “perv” factor — but there have also been women who have commiserated with her, and have posted their own photos on the group (I’ve removed these, though). The group was meant to be about her, not about women posting their own pictures onto it.

Anything you’d like to say to Debrahlee yourself?
I did actually send her a message after the first day, letting her know about the group, but am not expecting a response.