Discovery Health Catches Debrahlee Fever (Video)


Discovery Health is jumping on the Debrahlee Media Express and re-running their reality TV episode in which the former Citibanker appeared holding up melons and whatnot.

According to Laura Michalchyshyn, president and general manager of Discovery Health, “Debrahlee’s story has sparked a lot of interest — but up until now, people have only heard the second half of the story. This Saturday, Discovery Health is able to offer viewers the first half of a story that they are obviously interested in.”

Obviously! And, also obviously, this will not be in any way bad for the ratings of Discovery Health — who, after all, did discover Debrahlee before any of the rest of us and deserve their piece of the pie, if you will. Set your DVRs for 9 p.m. on this Saturday, or catch the entire marathon of “Plastic Surgery New York Style” from 7 to 11 p.m. Our Saturday night just got a little more…something.

Teaser here: