Elaine Stritch Is Up to Her Old Tricks


Thank God!

She’s being her fabulous self in rehearsals for Broadway’s A Little Night Music, according to a souse, I mean a source.

Stritchie can’t climb stairs that easily anymore, so in lieu of being carried up to the bathroom, she’s apparently asked them to put litter boxes around the place. Meow!

This is nothing new, of course. When she did another show, there were rumors of her relieving herself into trash pails (though I was never completely convinced that was true — how could she do that standing up? She’s not that talented).

And I once ran an item about Stritch supposedly bringing her laundry to rehearsals and saying, “Here. It’s in my contract.” (“I haven’t heard that one,” said the weary publicist when I called for a response.)

It’s possible that people are building a Tallulah-like legend around the actress by ascribing a lot of outrageous stories to her.

But whatever the case, her quirks are what make her Elaine Stritch, and I can’t wait to see her carrying on in that wheelchair as the ex-courtesan singing about “Liaisons.”

I just hope she can wheel to a litter box.