Hey, Smoking Plagues World Leaders, Too!


First there was the smoking baby. Actually, before that, there was the other smoking baby. And more recently, there was the smoking, drinking, really sad baby. But lest you forget that adults, too, have trouble with the nic fits, consider the news that Philippine President-elect Benigno Aquino III asked President Obama for some advice on how to kick the habit yesterday.

Per ABC News,

After a roughly 15 minute conversation, Aquino said, according to Reuters, “at some point, I attempted some humor,” saying “‘Mr. President, I understand we have the same issue with smoking.'”

A White House official confirms the conversation and says according to a transcript President Obama responded, “I kicked the habit, so you are going to have to work on that one yourself. I can give you advice, though.”

What that advice was, or if it was actually given, remains unreported, though we do know that the two also talked about the recent elections in the Philippines, and stuff.

But, truly, if Ardi can cut back, presumably so can Mr. Aquino? After all, age is in his favor. Sort of.