Internet Week: Geeks Get Wild (With Sledgehammers) at NY Tech Meetup


New York’s week long gathering of techies and cyberlebrities known as Internet Week had its biggest event this past Tuesday, NY Tech Meetup, with over 800 attendees. The event allowed eight people to demo their fresh tech product to the tech community, and while a few of them were a little over our heads, there were some great products that even the Average Internet User could get excited about. If that’s not enough for you, some dude “demoed” what happens when you mix iPads with sledgehammers. A summary below.


Using Foursquare, this application delivers advertisements and deals to your cell phone via text message based on your location. So, if you’re at, say, a Tasti D-Lite, and you “check-in” your location on Foursquare, SnackSquare will enable a $1 off any size cup or cone right then and there.


Allows users to share cabs on the go. If two people, who just happen to have iPhones, just happen to be in the same area, just happen to need to go somewhere else, and that somewhere else is in the same area, they can use Fare/Share. After that, meeting up is simple — you pick a location and describe to the application what you’re wearing so your partner can know what to look for. Once the fateful ride is over, Fare/Share asks if you would ride with that person again, so it’ll know whether or not to pair you up in the future.


Creates a searchable dashboard on your computer that aggregates all of your online social networks. From there, you can personalize, customize and filter your network feed to cut out all the noise. Finally, social media butterflies can have their Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and Foursquare all in once place!


Each time someone copies content from a website and pastes into an email, blog or website, Tynt automatically adds a URL link back to the site’s original content. When someone clicks that URL, they are directed back to your site and see the original content.
(example: Read more: Tynt » Tynt Insight


Offers unlimited, on-demand music that automatically syncs your computer and smartphone. No more plugging in or $1.29 a song for people who still download music legally.


An online network for web developers and designers to share what they’re currently developing and designing to other developers and designers, allowing them to critique and endorse eachother’s work in a safe community.


Thorough, deep web archiving and analytics. Allows you to compare your old website design to your new one, and track how the placement of the design affected traffic. Tracks not only HTML and images, but Javascript and interactive content as well.


Used to organize this event, Meetup allows anyone to organize events and gatherings, from book clubs to protests, with one simple line of code placed on your blog or website. Recently, the Huffington Post wrote an op-ed on the BP Oil spill and then, using Meetup, told readers to organize a gathering related around the content.

Perhaps the highlight of the night, though, was when Meetup’s presenter, Scoff Heiferman, stole an iPad from the audience (thus equalizing the ratio between tablets and women) and then proceeded to bludgen it with a sledgehammer while playing Apple’s 1984 commercial in the background– all to make the point that his product was more important than the Apple commodity fetish because it actually gets you interacting with real people. The shitshow below:

That’s it for this year’s Internet Week NY Tech Meetup, but the fun never ends! For more, NY Tech Meetup gathers regularly the first Tuesday of every month to show off more start-ups and tech-gadgets.