New Breakup Study Reveals That Dudes Hurt, Too


Awww. Poor men! According to a recent study from Wake Forest University that analyzed 1,000 unmarried adults ages 18 to 23, dudes suffer more when a relationship ends and are more affected by the highs and lows of romance.


Well, women have all their chatty female friends to turn to, for one, and can always call their moms if they’re really in a bind, while men pretty much focus on their lucky lady for all things intimacy. Which means that when a breakup occurs, that fellow loses his only confidant. (Yeah, so maybe he shouldn’t have broken up with you in the first place, huh?)

Also, dudes are dudes, and when their relationships fail, it hurts their feelings of dude-worth. And those feelings are precious jewels indeed! But dudes can’t even talk to their friends about the pain, because that wouldn’t be dude-ish, and instead are forced to turn to drugs or drinking to numb the the hole in their hearts…instead of just downing tubs of Ben & Jerrys and coordinating innumerable talk-seshes with the ladies.

Man, it’s tough to be a dude.