Shake Shack on Alleged Jersey Shore Location: No Comment on ‘Rumors’


Now that the Shake Shack has colonized the Middle East and Miami, is New Jersey next?

According to the Post, a Shack is “slated to open” in Cabana, a new boutique hotel on the Jersey Shore. Given that burgers and shakes tend to be a natural fit for places with sand and crowds, the location seems a logical one, and would doubtless inspire fewer obstacles than an outpost in, say, Nolita.

However, Shake Shack’s reps won’t confirm any plans for a Jersey Shore opening. Here’s the official party line, via email:

As you may be aware, we have openly expressed our intention to bring Shake Shack to compelling sites in great neighborhoods. As such, rumors often circulate about potential openings. We have decided not to comment on any of these rumors until we have something concrete to share. At this time we are focusing our efforts on the operations of our existing Shacks, as well as three new Shacks slated to open this summer: Miami Beach, Theater District and the Upper East Side.

So draw your own conclusions. And wait until there’s something “concrete to share.” Or just share a concrete with someone you love.