Smoking, Drinking Babies Coming Out of the Woodwork Now


There’s a new smoking kid in town, and this one is just terribly, terribly sad, with none of the bluster and swagger of our young Indonesian friend Ardi. Per the Daily News,

Chinese toddler Ya Wen started downing pints and smoking up to a pack a day after being struck by a speeding van and spending five days in a coma, her parents told the Yangcheng Evening Post.

Shortly after leaving the hospital, “she started acting like an adult.”

Wait, the story gets sadder. The girl lives with her parents in a shelter, and they collect and sell garbage for money. Her parents, as runs per the usual in these cases, don’t seem particularly perturbed that the girl is drinking three glasses of beer, no problem, or stealing cigarettes, hiding in the loo, and smoking them. However, her dad has now given up smoking “to set a good example.”

When a smoking, beer-pounding kid doesn’t even manage to tickle us a little bit in the most twisted of ways, we know something is wrong.

Quick, cheer yourself up with this.