Soccer Betting: In U.S. vs. England World Cup Match, a Steak Is at Stake


As one of the things “white people like,” it comes as little surprise that the World Cup has become increasingly popular in gentrified New York neighborhoods. This weekend, not only will every soccer bar in the city be packed (with many patrons who have probably never watched a Premier League or Serie A match before), but every bar with a big screen will fill up with lapsed or every-four-year footy fans swept up in the excitement of the World Cup.

While drinks deals and soccer-themed bar snacks are being touted around town, few people seem to know (or care) about America’s chances in this year’s tournament. But the U.S. ambassador to the U.K. has a clue about it. In fact, he’s ready to put his ass (actually, some poor cow’s ass) on the line in support of Team USA.

FOX Sports is reporting that an email between the American ambassador in London and his British counterpart in D.C. was leaked, revealing that the two have a little wager going on the outcome of Saturday’s game between England and the U.S., complete with all the necessary shit-talking that accompanies such bets:

“We will understand if you decline, given the outcome of the last such encounter,” said our man, referring to the 1950 World Cup match in which the U.S. bested England.

The Brit press secretary responded: “You should know that the Ambassador takes his steak like American soccer victories — somewhat rare.” Zing!

So what’s in the pot, exactly? The loser must buy the winner a steak dinner.