Subway Hit With Salmonella Outbreak, and Planning Yet Another Store on the Lower East Side


The rapid and unstoppable proliferation of Subways throughout New York often brings to mind images of teeming parasites, but in Illinois, the imagery has unfortunately assumed more literal shape. A recent salmonella outbreak at 30 Subways throughout the state has so far claimed 68 victims, all of whom have recovered or are being treated for the illness. The first cases were reported on May 11; cases range in age from three to 88 years old.

But hey, you can’t keep a good conglomerate down: According to the Subway site — which doesn’t mention the salmonella outbreak — there are four more locations set to squat in Manhattan. And because it’s not enough to have one Subway at the corner of Delancey and Chrystie streets, there’s going to be another one four blocks north in the Avalon Chrystie Place development on Chrystie and Houston streets. When it comes to colonization, salmonella could learn some lessons from Subway’s best and brightest.

[Food Poison Journal via Grub Street