What to Drink at Milk & Honey: A White Negroni


The drink: White Negroni

The bar: Milk & Honey, 134 Eldridge Street

The price: $16 ($12 for members)

The ingredients: Plymouth gin, Lillet Blanc, and Suze, over ice in a rocks glass.

The buzz …

For those of us who crave the bitter, the Negroni is a go-to. Nearly impossible to screw up, its most important ingredient, Campari, gives it both its backbone and its shiny gloss — like the exoskeleton of a classic cocktail crustacean. Few elixirs could stand in for this tart aperitif, but one that does so quite well is gentian-flavored Suze. Too bad it can only be obtained via illicit means in this country. At fearless, nefarious Milk & Honey, there’s always a stash. So, until you can buy it legally in stores, make them your Suze middleman.

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