Where Can I Eat Out With My Dog?


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Today, we deal with a question that always comes up with the advent of warm weather:

Which restaurants will allow me to bring my dog?

Technically, dogs aren’t allowed at restaurants, but some places will let you park Fluffy at your table in an outdoor seating section. Eateries with an enclosure around their sidewalk seating are likely to ask you to hitch your dog outside the railing, and then will seat you right next to it. Plus, some bars welcome dogs inside.

At Pastis, your dog is welcome to sit outside the sidewalk barricade, and staff will bring a bowl of water if you ask. Similarly, Toby’s Public House, the excellent wood-oven pizza spot in Greenwood Heights, has a deck where your dog can sit right next to you, though outside the railing. The staff are very friendly about it, and will also bring water for the dog.

Dog-friendly outdoor seating areas without enclosures are harder to find because, technically, they’re against code. Tabla is more hospitable than most, allowing pooches to sit with their owners in the outdoor cafe that overlooks Madison Square Park. And Pao, the comfortable Portuguese spot in the West Village, will let canines sit with you at the sidewalk tables.

For a glass of wine in a relaxed atmosphere, check out Von, which welcomes dogs inside. For a big-ass cocktail at a fair price, head to Brooklyn’s Quarter Bar. If you get tipsy, your dog can walk you home.

The dog-friendliness of these venues has all been recently verified, but it’s always a good idea to call before you go. You never know when a grouchy manager might be on duty. If you know of other good, dog-friendly eateries, let us know in the comments.