Your All Tomorrow’ Parties New York 2010 Video Sampler Is Here


Apologies in advance for how loudly this SOTC contributor will bang the All Tomorrow’s Parties NY drums for the next two-plus months, but there really aren’t many, if any, better music festivals in the United States. (All due respect, Bonnaroo, but no.) At ATP NY, you’re nestled in a remote part of the Borsch Belt, wandering around a decaying resort that’s like “The Shining meets Cocoon,” and the Stooges are, no exaggeration, playing at the end of a carpeted hall. Steve Albini is kicking your ass in poker, Jim Jarmusch is headbobbing beside you to the Vivian Girls, and Iggy Pop is buying peanut M&Ms from a vending machine.

Aren’t convinced? The kind folks at ATP have compiled a one-song video sampler of every band that’s been announced for ATP NY so far, including lesser-known acts like Beak, Fursaxa, White Hills. Hopefully the more discordant side of things will scare away the hat-puke tourists if one of Jack White’s many projects joins the Labor Day festivities. Or, should we say, optimistically, when? [ATP Festival NY YouTube playlist]