Could This Finally Be Annette Bening’s Year?


Not once but twice, Annette Bening has lost the Oscar to Hilary Swank, but this could finally be her year to grab for the gold.

The problem is she’s in TWO big movies.

Mrs. Warren Beatty was superb in Mother and Child, as the woman who’s shut off all emotion because she’s long been denied communication with her mother and also with the daughter she had to give away as a teen.

And word has it that she’s also terrific in The Kids Are Alright in which she’s a big lesbian who has to deal with girlfriend Julianne Moore‘s dalliance with a man.

Which will she be nominated for? Kate Winslet managed to get two separate Golden Globe nominations when she had a good year–one for lead, one for supporting–but Annette is definitely the lead in both movies and for Oscar, she’s going to have to push one more than the other.

What to do?

I should have such problems!