New York Artist Maya Hayuk Is Partly Responsible for the Half-Naked and Wet People at Bonnaroo


Bonnaroo and body odor go together like Irish men and Jameson, which is why so many of the from-the-mud testimonials focus on the showering aspect of the three-day hackey-sacks-and-hulahoops showdown–or lack thereof. Apparently there are only two primary on-site option for scrubbing yourself clean: 1) Paying $7 for an actual shower; 2) Standing half-naked under a “mushroom fountain” for free, which basically makes this one spot on the grounds, ah, an olfactory oasis. Why anyone here, but not there, might care? New York artist Maya Hayuk, who’s work tends to show up in places like Cinders Gallery and Secret Project Robot, is the one responsible for the fungi fountain’s trippy psychedelics.

“THE EYE OF THE EYER: that’s God laying there on the space eye at about 5 o’clock,” Juxtapoz quotes Hayuk as noting. Sure, okay, whatever you say–certainly won’t be the only one who purports to see God at Bonnaroo. Have fun, hippies!