Omarosa to Bethenny: Your Husband Is Gay, and You Had a Tummy Tuck!


Bethenny Frankel and Omarosa “the mean one” Manigault-Stallworth must be trying to promote their next self-branded cocktails, or something. First, Frankel told the View ladies that she couldn’t be compared to Omarosa because she had a “real career,” with a show and two books and a skinny girl drink and everything, while Omarosa had clearly chosen the far lazier pursuit of being universally loathed. Omarosa struck back, of course, and said that Frankel’s husband was gay, and that Bethenny totally had a tummy tuck after having her baby in May.

Now, in terms of insults, these are pretty ridiculous, because who cares if girlfriend had a tummy tuck (we almost prefer she had; she’s far too skinny to have just had a baby otherwise) and the gay husband thing, well, that sounds like something elementary school kids are too wise to bandy about these days. But reason and sensibility and maturity don’t matter in reality TV, where expressions like “the gloves are off” simply mean the ratings are on.

And so, in epic reality show fashion, Omarosa concluded with a pointed “Bethenny, Karma is a BITCH and so are you!!” per Perez Hilton. We wait for the next strike. And the serpent continues to consume its own tail.

But seriously, Omarosa and Bethenny — separated at birth? Anybody else see it?