So, Did Sarah Palin Get a Boob Job?


Wonkette recently posited the question of whether the former vice presidential candidate did or didn’t buy herself “a couple of luxury items,” based on a certain white tee Palin was wearing and a photo comparison of that with other non-white zippy-uppy shirts she’s worn previously. (We do have to say…she’s looking a little more luscious in the white — see for yourself after the jump — but there’s also a low-cut U in effect, and that can draw the eye, as you all know.)

Anyway, in the days that followed the initial speculation/drawing-attention-to of Palin’s lady lumps, people all over the world have become mesmerized by this question! We, too, have become mesmerized. As Wonkette points out, “The only group of people who look at ladies’ boobs more than straight men are straight women.” Well, there you go.

Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor took it upon herself to study the evidence quite scientifically, locating photos that showed less boobalicious angles, such as these, indicating perhaps that Palin’s boobs have remained unenhanced but that she has some serious guns. (Note to Joe McGinniss: Don’t fall for the old “Ya wanna arm wrestle?” ploy.) O’Connor’s diagnosis: “If her chest has increased in size since ’08, my best guess is that it’s no more than a single-cup amplification.”

Today, Wonkette continues the debate, noting that the most vocal crew of people discussing whether Palin has gotten breast implants are actually those who have breast implants — their verdict: “I think she did…I mean BAM!” — while Palin remains uncharacteristically silent on the subject.

Us Weekly, on the other hand, reports that a source close to Palin says the rumors are “absolutely ridiculous.”

Will we ever know the truth?

While we wait with bated breath, allow us to compare Palin’s girls to another pair of breasts that have been the focus of much of our attention lately. Yes, we mean those of former Citibanker Debrahlee Lorenzana. Now, we know that these have had the “perks” of plastic surgery. Here she is in a similarly low-cut top.

Seriously, I think we see some similarities.